Short Stories

When I have the time (or when I’m prompted by a challenge or contest), I love writing, especially short stories or novellas. Whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, realistic fiction or even fan fiction, I try to make time for the ideas that spark in my mind late at night.

These little snapshots of characters need to have a place to live and sometimes my shorter narratives lead to longer works or screenplays, but I consider them to be my creative specialty.

Stories will usually be between 1,000-10,000 words.

Supernatural/Horror Fiction
  • Djinn: a horror story about the passage of time
  • Rosie: a supernatural short about spells, witchcraft and mortality
Fan Fiction
  • Night Terror: a Star Wars Rebels one-shot with Kanan, Ezra and dealing with grief
  • Here: a post-Star Wars Rebels three-part fanfic about Ezra’s journey home
  • Desert Moon: a post-season 7 look at Shiro and Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender

Contemporary/Modern/Realistic Fiction

  • Home: a short about giving up something close to your heart

Here are some other genres I plan to write in:

  • Folklore
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Ficition
  • Suspense/Thrillers
  • Western

Tell me what you’d like to read!

If you want to see me write something in a specific genre or feel there’s another topic that would switch things up, send me a keyword, phrase or genre for inspiration.