Guest Article for Team Ahsoka | Saved the Series Is: Five Things I Want to See in the ‘Clone Wars’ Revival

I know I haven’t been as active on here lately… life, what can I say? Yeah, that’s not really an excuse, but anyway…

I recently wrote a couple articles for Team Ahsoka, a website dedicated to everything Ahsoka Tano. My first piece dropped last week and it detailed all my wants and desires for the return of Star Wars: Clone Wars next year. Here’s a snippet:

I vividly remember the exact moment I knew that the Clone Wars series had been revived.

I was at work – adulting sucks – and of course I had Twitter open on my desktop. When you aren’t able to go to San Diego Comic Con, you live vicariously through some of the luckiest nerds ever. Anyway, I was constantly refreshing Bryan Young’s profile to stay updated on the latest from the Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel and when Bryan tweeted, “MORE CLONE WARS,” my heart swelled and nearly exploded.

Click here to head on over to Team Ahsoka to read the rest!

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