That Feeling When You Get to Talk About Movies as Part of Your Day Job…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve published a review for you all. There’s really no excuse and my sister was right earlier this week when she texted me:

Get your butt writing on your blog. It’s been over a month.

So while I get back in the swing of things (i.e., getting my review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi done and up this week), I’ve got something special for you.

By day, I work as a communications specialist at the academic library for my alma mater, St. Norbert College. We recently started a monthly podcast called The Roundtable as a way to personally connect with our community in a fun, easy way.

So far, we’re only three episodes in, but we strive to talk about a variety of things to keep it fresh.

Our December episode recently dropped. I was lucky enough to spend an hour with two of our librarians, Christine and Sarah, discussing movies and TV shows we loved (or hated) in 2017. And yes, there’s plenty of talk about sci-fi, Marvel, DC and whether Avengers: Infinity War will tear us apart.

So give it a listen and let me know what movies and TV shows you loved (and hated) this year!

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